I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…

by hilyer68

YouWriteOn.com is a community writing site. It allows authors (of all kinds – and all abilities) to review and be reviewed. For me, the feedback I’ve received from reviewers has been of huge value, and my work has improved as a result (I hope!). To be a good writer – and especially a successful one – you have to read lots of great writing, and there’s plenty of this on YWO. There’s also a lot of (how can I say this?)… less polished material from young writers or those who are completely new to putting pen to paper. We learn from our mistakes, but we often need those mistakes pointing out. We learn from reading good writing as well as bad. A community of writers who offer constructive advice and criticism is a good thing – all budding scribes should join. And there’s a chance to get a professional review from a mainstream publishing house, and several YWO authors have gone on to win major publishing contracts. Some have even made money!

Anyway, an extract from my latest book A Devil in the Grape is currently available for review on YWO. I hope you can join.

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